Thursday, June 30, 2016

Americana the Beautiful!

In honor of celebrating America’s independence, we were inspired by art that brings a feeling of nostalgia and connection to our great country.  

The below casino concept was designed to evoke an Americana vibe. Each of the 3 walls consisted of materials connecting us to American culture. These particular concepts were based on denim, leather, and cotton.  Each material was then used to create a patterned feature wall.

Utilizing hundreds of stamps, this artist creates large scale wonders that exude patriotism.  Take a look at the second image providing a closer look at the president and military stamps selected to create this beauty. 

This donated "art-straction" was created by our very own Madison Studios.  It's purpose is to soothe, distract, educate and connect patients and families staying at Nemours A. I. DuPont Children's Hospital in Wilmington, DE. 

The white plaque you see to the left of the art is called a "Fun Fact", a program we developed for this location to enlighten adults, children and staff.

Bernie’s Pub in Glenside, PA based their concept on American roots. Each image is printed on individual materials such as canvas, metal, and wood substrates that created an eclectic blend complementing the Route 66 inspired imagery. Madison Art also created and installed the vintage wall graphic to add a pop of color and again connect guests to Bernie's Americana design. 

Who says that historical themed artwork has to be boring?  This line drawing was produced by one of our Madison Studio artists for a modern twist on a traditional concept.

America’s national pastime, has a long standing history in our very own city of Philadelphia. The first baseball league was established in 1871 and the Philadelphia Phillies were founded in 1883. This makes the Phillies one of the oldest organizations in professional baseball, and the oldest to have kept the same name and hometown for its entire existence.  Go Philly!

These 2 mosaic master pieces were created by an artist that we have collaborated with many times over the years. The second image you see is 8'x6' and was installed within Citizens Bank Park near section 125.  Be sure to keep a look out for it during your next visit! 

Since Madison Art loves fun facts, we leave you with a fun fact about the new seal of Philadelphia, now that we are the first World Heritage City in our nation as of 2015: "The star at the right of the tower represents what we, as Philadelphians, aspire to for the next generations. The lines to the left of the tower, represent the "ideas" that propel us as a city, and the "place" that put us on the map. Independence Hall symbolizes the modern democracy and popular sovereignty we can all be proud of!"