Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes in Concept Development

Sometimes projects run through a few concepts before settling on the final design.
Featured below is a sneak peek behind the scenes on initial concepts of 2 different projects that we created in collaboration with Tantillo Architects.

Jazz Lounge in NYC

Acoustic Wall Art Panels: The design vision detailed printing a peacock image on acoustic material and overlaying real peacock feathers onto the substrate giving a dimensional feel.

Architectural Wall Art Divider: Creating the illusion of a “gold water” curtain, Madison proposed gold-tone metal wire with squares and diamonds. Mirrored diamonds could also be featured on each strip. The wire would be mounted to the ceiling and accent soffit lighting would produce a luxurious, soft glow. 

One Washington Square- Corporate Lobby

Concept 1: After meeting with Tantillo Architects, they inspired us to create a wall-mounted, metal pyramid installation with back-lighting. Light would peak through to add depth and interest. 

Concept 2: Felt wall art in a smart, sophisticated dimensional pattern. Fun Fact: Felt has acoustic qualities, as well as antimicrobial characteristics.  

Concept 3: 3 dimensional mosaic tile collage inspired by the client and architect wishing to create an optical illusion. Each 8" square tile would feature a different image that would form an overall work of art. Tiles would be mounted at different heights off the wall to add dimension. 

Below features 2 different images in the same technique and a zoomed in shot of a small section. 
An explosion shot of a small section of the overall image

An explosion shot of a small section of the overall image