Friday, October 31, 2014

A distinctive and eclectic art collection: Taphouse 23 Bar and Restaurant

A rare glimpse into the past of the small harbor town of Bridgeport, Pennsylvania. Historical photographs and bar imagery were installed in a traditional gallery style for the historic hometown bar and restaurant, 
Taphouse 23.

Physical digs through photos in Bridgeport's Municipal Archive Basement surfaced photos never seen by the public before. The old photos were small (some even found in old books) so we scanned, enlarged, and edited these rare treasures. The image above is a vintage image of how the restaurant looked decades ago under the name Friendship Grille.

We artistically installed art lamps above each work that are cleverly hidden with wood “blocking” around the back of the frame. This technique created an overall clean and high end look.

Mixing the historical photos, we included imagery of old fashioned brewery illustrations and modern distillery photography. Distinctive and eclectic art adorns the beautiful re-claimed wood walls and beams to create a vintage pub feeling. The interior design firm, Balongue, produced a perfect, intimate design aesthetic. From the custom created tiled floor to the bathroom stall doors lined with an antique brewery recipe.

We enjoyed the challenge of researching rare photographs of Bridgeport and curating them into a cohesive art collection for their guests, staff, and families to cherish and enjoy! 

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