Monday, December 2, 2013

Healing through the Arts

“To make the impossible, possible”, was the powerful response from a young member of the Youth Advisory Council when we asked what kind of art he would like to see. For Team Madison to partner with Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children in Wilmington, DE is truly an honor! When asked to design the Art Program for the highly anticipated building expansion project, we dreamed to create an atmosphere that would be peaceful, positive and invigorating. Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital for Children's slogan is “Your child, Our promise”, and in turn, this experience has become our passion. Exploring the many colorful and out of the box ideas for this program reminded me of the amazing experience I had on my travels to Cuba.

On the outskirts of Havana lives a talented and friendly artist named José Rodríguez Fuster.  Fuster has been in practice since the early 1960’s and specializes in ceramics, painting, drawing, engraving, and graphic design.  José Fuster, has created a mosaic wonderland in a neighborhood where 80 homes have been recreated into small shining palaces.  When Fuster first moved into the area, his home was no more than a small wooden house, but now after 30 years, it is Fusterlandia!  

 A quilt of tiles welcomes you onto Fuster’s street.  Out front of his home is a bench with the words “La vida es amor” and “Amor con amor se paga” painted onto the tiles. The words translate to life is love and love is repaid with love. Public swimming pools, a theater, a hospital, and homes have been reinvented into a whimsical world through Fuster’s work.  

Glittering and vibrant chips of glass cover the homes in ornate detail comparable to the owner’s personality.  As I laid my eyes onto José’s front yard, I was blown away.  It was like entering a dream, a staged set of a movie, except this time I had the lead role. A magical kingdom in a foreign country with large domed roofs and figures set close to one another, a feast for the eyes and the soul. I was instantly inspired by this man!

 Fuster was strongly influenced by the work of both Picasso and Gaudi. He takes his passion of life, love, community and pours it into his work. Community, being the key word since Fuster has made such a difference for all those within this magical setting. Fuster’s art has breathed new life into this town and its people!

I remember the delight and joy I felt when entering Fuster’s home. I think of his generosity and sunny spirit and use it as a source of inspiration for the Nemours/Alfred I. duPont Hospital Art Program. I keep José’s words with me: “If I know what the end is, I won’t do anything. I do the work for the adventure.” And what an adventure Team Madison is on now!! J

Madison Art Consulting looks forward to more exciting and colorful journeys ahead. Stay posted for more progressive art in 2014! Enjoy the warmth of the holiday season!

-Monica Joy Moran