Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Behind the Scenes in Concept Development

Sometimes projects run through a few concepts before settling on the final design.
Featured below is a sneak peek behind the scenes on initial concepts of 2 different projects that we created in collaboration with Tantillo Architects.

Jazz Lounge in NYC

Acoustic Wall Art Panels: The design vision detailed printing a peacock image on acoustic material and overlaying real peacock feathers onto the substrate giving a dimensional feel.

Architectural Wall Art Divider: Creating the illusion of a “gold water” curtain, Madison proposed gold-tone metal wire with squares and diamonds. Mirrored diamonds could also be featured on each strip. The wire would be mounted to the ceiling and accent soffit lighting would produce a luxurious, soft glow. 

One Washington Square- Corporate Lobby

Concept 1: After meeting with Tantillo Architects, they inspired us to create a wall-mounted, metal pyramid installation with back-lighting. Light would peak through to add depth and interest. 

Concept 2: Felt wall art in a smart, sophisticated dimensional pattern. Fun Fact: Felt has acoustic qualities, as well as antimicrobial characteristics.  

Concept 3: 3 dimensional mosaic tile collage inspired by the client and architect wishing to create an optical illusion. Each 8" square tile would feature a different image that would form an overall work of art. Tiles would be mounted at different heights off the wall to add dimension. 

Below features 2 different images in the same technique and a zoomed in shot of a small section. 
An explosion shot of a small section of the overall image

An explosion shot of a small section of the overall image

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Rolled Paper Art Brings A Community Together

Who would have thought the task of rolling hand-painted paper would bring a community together? This technique is often taught in school and sounds easy but requires tedious attention. 

Madison Art was enlisted to create an 8'W x 11'H masterpiece that would tie its Philadelphia roots to a smart, sophisticated piece of art that would be showcased in the historic Penn Mutual building. Now owned by Rubenstein Partners, the building was converted to the name of One Washington Square.  Working with Tantillo Architects, the owners wanted a memorable work of art to be placed in their newly renovated lobby.

The concept was to create an aerial view of Philadelphia and the Delaware River. We were drawn to producing a topography aspect of the land. With many ideas for construction on the table, we decided to use rolled paper to give the illusion of land and buildings. 

Knowing we wanted to build an abstract view of Philadelphia, we first constructed a rendering with our Madison graphic design team to determine color, placement, and the correct amount of abstraction. The final design, seen below, was then used to strategically determine the rolled paper placement on the painted boards.

Since Philadelphia was developed and constructed by many hands to be the historic city it is today, we loved the idea of involving the local community to add brotherly love to this art.
The combined effort of 40 children, teenagers, and adults participated in rolling thousands of paper rolls.  A team of Madison artists then painted the background and meticulously placed each roll.

2 of our Madison Studio artists painting the background: Laura and Collette

The most rewarding part was hearing all of the positive feedback from people walking by as we installed. Blood, sweat, and tears went into producing this special piece. Madison is honored that we were able to represent our area in such an artistic way and connect with the community on this project.  We hope that next time you find yourself in the Washington Square area, you take the opportunity to view this beauty in person. 

Madison Art:  Dream. Design. Create.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Most of you know us by our custom art studio and elite frame designs.  After numerous requests, Madison Art now offers competitive pricing for mirrors!  

Selections include:
-Mirrors in a variety of pre-determined frames and sizes
-Custom framed mirrors
-Backlit mirrors

 Backlit Mirrors:

All backlit mirrors are available in your choice of custom sizes
and with T5 or LED bulbs.
Frosted side panels are available in a variety of designs.

For inquiries on any of the mirrors below or to discuss your custom project, please contact Nicole to provide contract framing and bulk/wholesale pricing.