Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Berlin-Galleria Nove

In Berlin, we found another artist who lays the paint on thick.  At Galleria Nove, we saw the paintings of Charles Szymkowicz.  His show "Maudits" consists of portraits of famous artists who lived hard lives and were ostracized for their ways.  Within the show, there are portraits of figures such as Amy Winehouse, Marylin Monroe, and Franz Kafka.  

The artist paints in a non-traditional way, laying his canvases on the floor and squirting paint directly on it from the tube.  This technique creates a volume in the mouth and nose areas that seems impossible; considering that Szymkowicz uses only acrylic paint.

Monday, March 19, 2012


Lüneburg is a small town outside of Hamburg.  The town is full of medieval architecture, and this makes it an interesting and quaint place to see.
I was not expecting to find a gallery show in Lüneburg, but I did.   I found Galerie Meyer next to one of the town's churches.  There, they were having a show called "Schwestern der Hanse" of Christopher Lehmpfuhl paintings.
I have never seen so much paint on one canvas.  Lehmpfuhl piles on enough paint to make portions project out maybe 2 or 3 inches!  It gives his paintings an almost sculptural element that is original and unbelievable.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


Hamburg is Germany's second largest city and also it's largest port.   

The city is absolutely stunning and a favorite vacation spot for Germans.

Hamburg is known for its theater, art, and music.  With many galleries to choose from, we literally stumbled over Klaus Peter Schlange's "Paradigmenwechsel" at the Westwerk e.V.  

We actually got to speak with the artist, briefly, about his style of art.  He explained that he is drawn towards abstract art because it is expressionistic and universal.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Art throughout Germany

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Madison on the Move was definitely moving the past two days.  First to Heidelberg, where history and modernity coexist in a beautiful way. This sculpture by Jürgen Goertz, called S-RINTING HORSE (2000), sits directly out front the bahnhof, train station, and well represents the contemporary feel of Heidelberg's newer city areas.  

 After Heidelberg, Madison hoped a train over to Cologne, or Köln as it's spelled in German.  One of Germany's largest cities, Köln's art scene is expansive, with a number of large museums and galleries. 

At Art Galerie 7, we saw "Mountains.".  A show that juxtaposes the photographs of Georg Küttinger with the painted and carved wood pieces of Monica Hansebakken.  Neither of these artists disguises the mediums in which they work.  Küttinger's photographs clearly capture the undisturbed mountain landscape and show how the mountains between the changing seasons need no artistic enhancement.  Hansebakken also makes to effort to disguise the woof that she paints on and rather leaves portions of wood grain visible.  She further carves into those pure wood sections and therefore gives her mountains a diverse look.

Friday, March 9, 2012


Welcome to Madison on the Move, Madison Art Consulting's blog dedicated to contemporary art. 
Beginning March 12th, Madison on the Move will be in Heidelberg, Germany.  After, Madison will visit Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, and Munich.  Keep your eye for all the art Madison finds in these cities. 

We are excited to start this blog and excited to have you join us.