Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Top 6 Graphic Artistry Designs from Madison Studios

Learn simple ways to turn a first impression into an unforgettable statement.
Compliments of the Graphic Artistry Team at Madison Studios. Enjoy! 

1. Location soon to be announced, Philadelphia, PA: Original designs for the dining and bar area, inspired by the streets of Philadelphia.

2.Sparta Systems, Hamilton Twp, NJ: Award winning design, original typography on contour cut vinyl. Sophisticated and smart! 

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3. Temple University, School of Media and Communications, Philadelphia, PA:  Conceptual Vinyl Wall Coverings to unify public spaces within their campus building

4. Olympics Custom Art, Valley Forge, PA: Layout and design digitally created to assist the client in visualizing exactly what our printing and framing team would create for his 2012 Olympics commemorative piece. An extraordinary piece of art for a once in a lifetime, front row, back stage experience!

5. Madison Studios, Print On Demand: Customize colors, sizes and substrates to fit your space to customize your personal look!

6. Madison Studios, Original Graphic Artistry, Print on Demand: Customize colors, sizes and substrates to fit your space to customize your personal look!

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